Bio Photo Experience Southern Brazi: November 20-December 5, 2011

Curitiba area and the Atlantic Coast of Southern Brazil


Our excursion starts on the 20th of November, 2011 in the city of Curitiba, in Southern Brazil. Curitiba is a city of 2 million people known worldwide for it’s high standard of living, and the high quality of life it’s residents enjoy. Curitiba is considered a model in urban design, and is renowned for its transportation system, which has been a model for other metropolitan transportation systems worldwide. Our first day will spend relaxing, followed by a traditional Brazilian dinner. On the 21st, we will take you on an all-day tour of Curitiba that includes unique architecture and visits to Curitiba’s famous city parks.

leftleftWe will get back to nature on the 22nd when we visit nearby Vila Velha State Park, a short drive from Curitiba. In Vila Velha our guides will create many opportunities for you to photograph unique geological formations, wildlife and plants of this region. We will return to Curitiba for our last evening there, relax and enjoy the finest of the region’s cuisine.

About the distinct regions of Southeastern Brazil: The eastern state of Paraná is composed of plains and highland areas organized very much in stairs, starting at the Atlantic coast. From East to West we will experience the Coastal Plain, an environmentally protected area; the Sea Mountains that include many amazing landscapes and the huge expanse of original Atlantic Forest that once flurished in the coastal regions of Brazil, the First Highlands, where the City of Curitiba is located. To the west is another range of mountains known as the Second Highlands. Vila Velha State Park is located in this last region. Each of these regions is unique in its geology, climate, flora, fauna, and history.

leftOn the morning of November 23, we leave Curitiba for the coastal plains of the state of Paraná. We will take the scenic train through the mountains and forests to the city of Morretes. There will be many opportunities for photography along the way. In Morretes, a colonial town built in the eighteenth century by the Portuguese, we will explore its historic architecture, then sample a regional specialty barreado, a beef broth or stew, slow-cooked in a clay pot, as well as seafood, in a restaurant overlooking the picturesque Nhundiaquara river. In the afternoon, we will be transported by power boats through the Bay of Paranaguá to experience the animals, plants, mangroves and tortuoises of this area. We may stop in the city of Antonina to explore some of the historic ruins of the Portuguese buildings in this heritage area.

leftThe speedboat will take the group to Superaguy National Park, an Island and one of the best preserved and remote wilderness areas in southern Brazil. We will be staying at a comfortable and friendly B & B in the park for two nights, in the SEBUI Private Natural Reserve. Here, local multilingual guides will accompany us on land and water excursions to discover the natural history of the area. Flora and Fauna are abundant here, and will certainly offer incredible opportunities for award-winning wildlife and nature photographs. This area is known to harbour many endangered species of birds, as well as primates.

On the 25th of November, we will return to the mainland and drive to the Volta Velha Private Reservation. Volta Velha is an old cattle ranch that has been transformed into a private nature reserve. The environment here is uniquely different from that of the Superagui. It is known as a Floresta de Restinga. It is further from the water and has its own distinct characteristics. Our accommodations will be located within the reservation, allowing us to experience this area and its wildlife at all times of the day and night. This will provide us with some great photographic opportunities! The Volta Velha Reserve is widely studied by many Brazilian scientists and is known to contain a wide array of wildlife, including many bird species, puma, and other rarely seen animals.

Iguaçu Falls Region

leftOn the 26th of November we will leave Volta Velha, and fly to Iguaçu Falls, one of the most fascinating and photogenic natural jewels of South America. Just before the Iguaçu River enters the Paraná River, an impressive series of 275 waterfalls, many 90 metres high, are shared between Brazil and Argentina. The falls are located in the National Park of Iguaçu, which contain the largest remnant of native forest in the region. During our stay in this area we will explore the park with guides that will reveal the natural wonders of this area; visit the falls on both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides of the border; and visit the “Park of the Birds”, a conservation area specializing in the endangered bird species in the area, displayed in their natural habitat. A tour by powerboat to the base of the falls is also planned. Plenty of exquisite landscapes and exotic plants and animals to photograph! And, of course, traditional regional meals which will allow us to experience the best of Argentinian and Brazilian cuisine. leftleftleft

The Pantanal Region

On the 30th of November, We will fly to Corumbá, righta small city at the edge of the southern Pantanal wilderness region. The Pantanal is an absolutely unique environment, and is designated as a World-Heritage Site. Corumba is located on the only major land elevation in the area. The city is known for its beautiful Portuguese architecture and history, and affords an astounding view of the Paraguai River. During periods of low water levels, the view includes a large river that winds its way into a vast, low region, very rich in fauna and flora. During high water periods, a large freshwater lake surrounds Corumbá. rightOn our first day in Corumba, we will tour the city and its museums and experience the traditional “churrasco pantaneiro” cuisine of the region. We will stay at a modern hotel within the city. On the next day, our group will take a safari on four-wheel-drive vehicles into the Pantanal wilderness region. This safari will provide a wonderful opportunity to view and photograph the widely diverse array of animals, plants and landscapes of this amazing region, often referred to as “The Serengeti of South America” because of this rich diversity, and the huge populations of wildlife. At the end of the day, we’ll stay at a modern hotel located within the Pantanal.

From the 2nd to the 5th of December we will be aboard the “chalana”, a large houseboat, typical of this region. Aboard this houseboat we will explore one of the most scenic rivers of the region, the Rio Bonito or “handsome river”. The accommodations on board are simple but very adequate, with air conditioning, all meals provided, and small boats with operators available to take the group or individuals in search of wildlife within the meandering waterways of the area. Among the many species we may encounter are: jaguar, anteater, cayman, capybara and many others. On the 6th of December, we will return home by way of Sao Paulo.leftleftleft

This Bio Photo Experience tour will be another unique and rewarding one; taking you to places that are well off the beaten path, and far from conventional tourist routes. And you will be accompanied by two seasoned biologists and a professional photographer, bringing you to the wildlife in its natural habitat. In Brazil we have the honour of being accompanied by Dr. Walter Boeger, a highly accredited Brazilian biology professor well versed in the wildlife, geology, people and history of the regions we’ll be visiting. You will be able to create a diverse, fascinating photographic portfolio while honing your skills and learning new tips and techniques; and master control of your camera. Catch the light of this amazing region with us!

The following three options are available for Brazil 2011:

Curitiba, the Atlantic Coast of Southern Brazil and Iguaçu Falls, November 20-29, for $3900 US

Iguaçu Falls and the Pantanal, November 26-December 5, for $3900 US

The entire Brazil excursion: Curitiba, the Atlantic Coast, Iguaçu Falls, and the Pantanal, November 20-December 5, for $5800 US

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