Bio Photo Experience Southwestern United States

September 20 to October 4, 2014

leftPlease join Bio Photo Experience on an amazing photographic adventure to the colourful desert regions of the American southwest. We will travel scenic byways of New Mexico and Arizona, far off the beaten path, and experience areas that are seldom seen by most visitors to this region. Improve your photographic skills with an experienced wilderness photographer on this trip of a lifetime.

Our experience starts when we visit a region of massive, shifting pure-white sand dunes nestled between two mountain ranges. This surreal landscape is incredibly photogenic. Then we will explore historic trading posts still used today; photograph the amazing cliff dwellings of indigenous groups that disappeared from this area a thousand years ago. We’ll also have the opportunity to meet with Navajo people who are still living traditional lifestyles in these canyonlands today. We will hike to a mesa top and explore the ruins of a pueblo that once held thousands of inhabitants, and read the inscriptions carved into the cliffs by the early Spanish explorers. We’ll stay at a majestic hotel which once hosted the famous movie stars and celebrities of bygone days.

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We will spend several days in Santa Fe, founded in 1607; arguably the most scenic city in North America. In town, we will visit the museums and galleries that celebrate the amazing history of this area, photograph the town’s historic adobe architecture, and sample the unique regional cuisine this town is known for.
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leftOn alternate days, we will leave town for day trips, returning to Santa Fe each evening. We will experience the annual feast day celebration at a native pueblo, hike amid spectacular rock formations, and visit remote, verdant canyons in Northern New Mexico. This is a beautiful region, with almost limitless opportunities to capture breathtaking landscapes. We will visit each area at the best time of day in order to achieve optimal photographic results. left

Steve Cooper is a professional photographer who has travelled to this part of the world many times over the last twenty-five years, and knows the history and geology of the region intimately. He will be available to answer all of your photographic questions, and offer tips and techniques to help you maximize the impact your images will have.

This all-inclusive tour starts and ends in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We will be staying in modern, high quality hotels throughout the tour, and sample this region’s unique cuisine at award-winning restaurants. All land transportation, food and lodging is included in this fee. The tour is limited to a small group, allowing us to spend more time with each of our clients. Airfare to and from Albuquerque is the responsibility of the client.

Please contact Steve Cooper for more information and payment instructions.

Double occupancy: $4,395.00 U.S. per person.
Single supplement: $4,995.00 U.S. per person.